Month: March 2014

Danger Posed by Internet-Linked Biometrics and DNA-Genome Databanks

In this information age, a computerized system recognizing each individual human being based on their fingerprints, iris, hair, body shape, voice, behavioral pattern, DNA, genome, anatomical and blood statistics was developed by scientists. This databank is known as Biometrics archives.

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DNA Custom Vitamins – The Next Megatrend

DNA Customized Vitamins “Do you take vitamins daily?” “If you could have your DNA tested and vitamins formulated just for your body, would you buy them? Especially if they were affordable??” These two questions are at the heart of the

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Natural Prevention of DNA Mutation and Stem Cell Stimulation

This proprietary drink is more than an antioxidant drink. It is a cutting edge health drink for cellular repair and stem cell health. As a proprietary blend of herbs, fruits, and vitamins, it has the ability to repair DNA and

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